hosting, maintenance & support


Website hosting is available on Essence’s VPS (Virtual Private Server), managed by Liquid Web. Most hosts like GoDaddy and Squarespace offer Shared Hosting, thus your website shares their server with as many other websites as they decide, limiting the website’s capabilities & potentially impacting performance. By hosting your website on Essence’s VPS, you only share the server with Essence’s websites, which provides better overall performance. (Shared hosting is okay for basic websites, but Liquid Web is one the best-in-class hosting solutions for enterprise-level platforms, ensuring the scalability of your website.)

maintenance & support

Website maintenance refers to the maintenance of the site once it’s launched, available at Fixed Monthly Rate inclusive of Hosting.

    Website Maintenance & Support services include*:

  • Maintenance to the server for optimal website performance
  • Tech and email support
  • Compliance Updates: Accessibility related updates for compliance with ADA; Updates to cookie and privacy policies
  • General website upkeep: Updates to the website content such as copy/text, images/graphics/videos, files, links; updates to colors, fonts, navigation and forms; Updates to code for compatibility with web browser updates or operating systems; Updates performed on website plugins & software eCommerce and CMS maintenance
  • Domain Name Registration/Renewals
  • SSL Certificate (“https”)
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